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IHA Neutra-Syrup Neutralises & Removes 5L

IHA Neutra-Syrup Neutralises & Removes 5L


Hardock's Neutra-Syrup Neutralises & Removes is a palatable mild diuretic that increases the volume of urine excreted, increases the thirst and fluid intake, whilst providing a beneficial urinary alkalising action to flush the kidneys of excess acid after fast exercise. Hardock's Neutra-Syrup Neutralises & Removes assists in the treatment and prevention of dehydration by encouraging a horse to drink more water, especially when administered routinely after training. When given on fast work days, it helps to neutralise and flush the system of lactic acid or correct 'acidosis' due to the accumulation of excess acid within the blood, after fast, anaerobic exercise especially in unfit horses in early training.

Hardock's Neutra-Syrup Neutralises & Removes is also beneficial in helping to reduce the symptoms and risk of 'tying up' in horses and muscle cramping in racing greyhounds.

The production of lactic acid is a natural result of fast exercise or racing
work, and some animals need assistance to neutralise the excess body acid to help avoid muscle stress, associated loss of appetite and speed up recovery process. Hardock's Neutra-Syrup Neutralises & Removes is formulated for these purposes with special flavours and additives, which not only makes administration easy as horses and greyhounds accept it readily, but in many cases can also improve the appetite of hard working horses.

DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION: The cap of the container measures 15mL.

Horses: 30-60 mL/day in the feed.

Greyhounds: 5mL/day in the feed.

CAUTION: Adequate cool, clean drinking water should be available at all times. 

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