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Tack Box Tucker


With so many dog food options on the market these days, it can be hard

to know which one to choose that will offer the greatest health benefits

for your best friend.

Many commercial dog foods available today contain colourings,

flavourings, and preservatives that can cause hypersensitivity reactions,

allergies and skin problems in our pets, along with an array of other

health issues including but not limited to cancer, kidney disease, heart

disease and arthritis.

We believe in an all natural and holistic approach to caring for your

pets - and part of this is a healthy well balanced diet.

We have released our own brand of dog food called Tack Box Tucker -

all made right here using completely natural ingredients including locally sourced meat graded at a high enough quality to be fit even for human consumption!

Old Doggie

Good hearty nourishing tucker with a selection of herbs to improve mobility and overall well-being including rosehip, millet and flaxseed.

Calm Dog

Chill pooch out with this healthy blend of herbs to help digestion and reduce stress including chamomile and slippery elm.

Sea Dog

A powerful combo of kelp and cod liver oil with a long list of vitamins and minerals designed to boost your dogs bone and skin health.

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