Robank® Relax Equine®

Robank® Relax Equine®


Robank® Relax Equine® has been specifically formulated for horses that need a low energy, low sugar diet. It has been formulated without the cereal grains (oats, barley & corn) making it suitable for all classes of horses and ponies requiring a cool energy diet.

Robank® Relax Equine® is a fully fortified complete feed product, with no need for any additional vitamin or mineral supplements.

Robank® Relax Equine® has been formulated to avoid using high sugar ingredients, making the feed suitable for horses that are sensitive to sugar in the diet as well as horses that are insulin resistant or have Cushing’s disease.

Robank® Relax Equine® is available in a standard pellet size or a larger cube (suitable for ponies/horses that bolt their feed, as the larger size slows down the rate of digestion) giving you the choice to suit your equine partner.