Robank® Equi-NIZE® Race

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Race


obank® Equi-NIZE® Race is a scientifically formulated complete feed designed for horses that require a high energy diet.

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Race utilizes the latest technology of micronizing to cook the grains and change the starch structure, this combined with quality ingredients makes a feed that is highly palatable and digestible for the horse.

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Race contains a highly fortified mixing pellet that has all the vitamins and trace minerals as well as digestive aids Yea-sacc® and Bio-mos® included in the feed. This ensures maximum utilization of these important nutrients by the horse by eliminating separation of them in the feed.

Robank® Equi-NIZE® Race uses beet pulp, a super fibre whic