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IHA Blood + Oxygen 1L

IHA Blood + Oxygen 1L


IAH Ironvita Blood and Oxygen Supplement


Suitable for: Horses that require greater amounts of trace minerals (iron, copper, cobalt, folic acid) such as stabled horses, those in full work such as racehorses, eventers, polo and endurance horses especially those under heavy sweat conditions.


International Animal Health (IAH) formulate a range of products to support the health and wellbeing of horses and foals. IAH markets quality Australian owned and Australian made products, from feed additives, probiotics, anti-parasitic pastes and drenches, to first aid, hoof-care and grooming products.

Ironvita Blood and Oxygen is a palatable liquid supplement that may be used for the prevention and treatment of anaemia in horses. This supplement contains the trace minerals iron, copper, cobalt which are necessary for haemoglobin synthesis (a protein in red blood cells which carries oxygen around the body).

  • Supplement for the prevention and treatment of anaemia
  • Contains three trace minerals (iron, cobalt, copper) and a vitamin (folic acid)
  • Palatable syrup for addition to feed
  • For stabled horses, those in full work, and horses under heavy sweat conditions


A deficiency in dietary sources of folic acid, iron, copper or cobalt, such as in stabled horses or those without access to large quantities of green feed, in combination with a demanding work program, may lead to the deficiency anaemia complex. Horses that sweat heavily, such as harness horses during training or horses trained under hot conditions, lose iron in their sweat and require supplementation to maintain red blood cell synthesis. Symptoms may include a loss of appetite, infertility and abortion, and increased susceptibility to stress and disease.


Directions for use: Mix 30 - 45mL daily in wet or dry feed, or as directed by your veterinarian. The 1L and 5L container caps hold 15mL.

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