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BtB Members Inc

Opened in July 2018, Bathurst Tack Box has been a resource for the horse community. Our mission has been to provide affordable saddlery and develop local products such as herbal treatments and locally made saddlery items.

In July 2020 Bathurst Tack Box had a baby! Called BTB Members inc, a club was formed so that our community can buy and sell items for horses and riders to each other and local horse events can be supported in the process. A conservative commission was charged to members to sell their gear which was intended to pay basic overheads and given out as donations. Now there are 400 plus members.

Some members have donated their items to the association

These donations are fundamental to our survival as a club and enabled us to donate to many horse activities. In 2022 alone (four months) over $4000 has been donated to 11 events and flood victims.

In three years, BTB Members Inc has paid out over $250,000 for gear sold and donated an estimated $40,000 to clubs, individuals and events.

This association is currently run by a small committee and a few selfless volunteers.


Volunteers to help clean saddlery, advertise, compose newsletter, grant writers, sellers of gear at shows are still needed.

Please contact us if you wish to volunteer.

To date, Bathurst Tack Box has supported BTB Members Inc by allowing a huge part of the shop for second hand gear, donating staff as volunteers, Anna donating her time and money for projects and sales and bookkeeping.

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