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Bathurst Bounty


Bathurst is home to so much fresh produce and so many talented locals who have perfected their craft in leatherwork, woodwork, metalwork and a whole array of other items used and appreciated by equestrians.  
Anna has released a brand 'BATHURST BOUNTY' that promotes the locally made and grown.
Bathurst Bounty so far includes:

·         Whips -Wills Whips

·         Leather Cream

·         Belts - Hell Bent For Leather

·         Leather tack - various

·         Stocks - Pauline

·         Girths - Cinched Down Under

·         T-Shirts - designed by Anna

·         Farrier tools- Pat Brown

·         Hooks

·         Roping cow heads - Straven Gallery

·         Rope leads - Margaret Hunt

·         Halters- various

·         Reins - various

·         Jewellery - Katherine Blackburn

·         Brow bands - Just Browsing and Melissa Stanley

·         Herbal supplements for horse health - local farmers and in-house dispenser.

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